For Musicians

Music Business Consulting

You didn't get into music to hassle with publishing and licensing, contracts, production, marketing, social media, copyright law and so on. But you can't survive in the business unless someone is handling these aspects of your career. The business is getting more complex every day, but we are keeping our eyes on it so you don't have to. Maybe you just need a little help with a contract, producing your new CD or you are wondering what to do about digital music sales. The good news is that you really can make a living in today's music business, but you can't do it alone. We can help.

Music Marketing

Marketing is a word that musicians don't always want to hear, but without marketing, there are no sales. No sales equals no money. Simple. If you have muisic that is ready to go, we can help you reach your target markets and even some listeners and customers that you may not have thought of. Marketing campaigns are available in increments from 3 months to forever, and we can find a way to work within your budget.


Need a little help with design? We have some great artists that work with us, so we can give your CD, website or marketing materials a fresh new look. Give us a ring to find out more.

International Services

With years of experience in world music, we have become experts in international issues. Whether it's visas, sponsorhsip or international business issues, we can handle it for you.This can be tricky terrain, so don't try to go it alone. You don't want to get to the airport in France to start your world tour only to find that they won't let you in.

For Businesses

Private Label CDs

Connect to your customers with music through your very own private label CD. We can create a CD of music of your choice and design the packaging to feature your logo, style and message. Nothing creates a better or more lasting emotional connection than music, and you can harness this power to help brand your business and stay "top of mind' with your customers. Choose from our catalogue or we can license music for you. We'll handle all the details and make sure everything is legal, top quality and delivers the best possible ROI.

USB Sticks and Webpages

If a CD is not for you, we can preload USB sticks and brand them with your logo, or we can develop a dedicated webpage for your customers to listen to or download music. Now that music is available digitally, you are only limited by your imagination, but it still needs to licensed properly and presented well to be valuable to your business. Give us a call to talk about your ideas. If there is music involved, we can probably handle it for you.

Music for Media

Are you doing a TV commercial, in-house film or interactive website? Stock music makes you sound like everyone else. We can find or create music that will make your media stand out from the crowd.

Music for Events

Did you ever notice how much music changes the atmosphere of an event? And you really notice when it's missing or just plain wrong! Product launches, fashion shows, exhibitions, big parties, small parties...they all need good music. We can supply unique music that complements the occasion. Don't hope that the venue or your assistant will have the right CDs. Call us!


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